COVID has affected local athletes and sports

COVID-19 has affected the world, economy, environment, jobs, schools, sports and so much more. Sports have been put on hold, seniors weren’t able to play their last season, scholarships have been affected, seasons have been cut short and athletes can’t wait to get back to the game that they love. COVID-19 has impacted sports and athletes all around the globe and at home. Johanna Quintero graduated from Guymon High School and is now a freshman playing basketball at Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU). Along with athletes all over the world, COVID-19 has impacted her sports career. When asked, “How has the coronavirus affected you being an athlete?” Quintero said, “Well it honestly gave me more time to workout and perfect my skills. I hate corona don’t get me wrong, but I’ve had more free time.” Quintero thinks the hardest part of being an athlete during our COIVID-19 times is the uncertainty. “Maybe not knowing when or if we’ll even have a basketball season. It sucks to think that my high school senior year got cut short, and now I may have to wait even longer to play in college,” Quintero said. Quintero was asked, “Have there been changes in practices due to COVID?” She said, “At the beginning, everything was done from home. Then slowly I started lifting with some of my teammates but before we touch anything, we have to spray everything down with alcohol.” Quintero believes COVID-19 has affected her up coming season because it made practices and workouts so different. She said, “We couldn’t necessarily go to a gym to shoot or go  to a weight room to lift. Everything was closed.” Many athletes are opting out of seasons to protect themselves and their families, but other athletes will do whatever it takes to be back on the field or court.

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