Lewd act allegations brought against Senator Bryce Marlatt

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Reports of allegations of possible lewd behavior charges against an Oklahoma State Senator went public on Wednesday evening, stemming from an incident with a female Uber driver.
According to a story initially reported through Oklahoma City's KFOR news, Senator Bryce Marlatt may be facing charges after an unnamed female Uber driver contacted the Oklahoma City Police Department to report an assault.
In a redacted report from the OKCPD, the driver approached an officer on the evening of June 28 to report an assault on her person two days earlier. She stated to the officer that she drives for Uber and was transporting a customer when he made advances on her during transit.
The report alleges the victim was forcefully grabbed and kissed on the neck while she was driving on Lake Hefner Parkway en route to the suspect's destination, a hotel off of the expressway. After arriving at the hotel, the suspect requested the victim drive him to the Pump Bar, located at NW 24th and Walker in Oklahoma City. The report states the victim was able to obtain basic information on the suspect and was able to also find a picture, which she showed to the officer.
The Oklahoma City Police Department redacts personal information of victims, as well as suspects who have not yet been formally charged.
The alleged victim informed the officers that she intends to press charges. Uber would not release the information on the suspect to the victim, but will release that information to the OKCPD.
A statement released by Uber spokesperson Kayla Whaling to KFOR says:
"What's been reported is not tolerated and has no place on the Uber app. We are committed to the safety and security of all our partner drivers and riders and are working with the Oklahoma City Police Department to provide them any information that would be helpful for their active investigation."
In December 2014, Marlatt was arrested for Actual Physical Control of Vehicle Under the Influence. In June 2015, Marlatt pled No Contest to the charges, paying more than $1,500 in fines, costs and fees stemming from the charge and was given a one year deferment. Marlatt was placed on probation and ordered to appear in court on June 24, 2016 for a final dissolution of the case.