The theme for 2023 Pioneer Days, "Wind Forever", was suggested by Fred Hindergardt, and illustrated by Kristy Patterson, retired art instructor at Guymon High School. As witnessed by all, it is a very timely theme for 2023.

Only the toughest, most hardy, determined pioneers were able to give up a more comfortable life to withstand the harsh living conditions of pioneering in this windy, treeless land. Many of the extreme hot, cold, and wind weather records that are still valid today were established during the late 1880's through the 1930's, and initial housing was primarily dwellings dug out of the earth, or one-room sod houses carved from the grassy prairie soil. By 1910, these homes were beginning to be replaced by one or two room wooden houses that were often unfinished on the inside, and even having open ceilings where rain, snow, wind and dirt could blow inside year-round through the shingled roofs.

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