Coughing is a major symptom of COVID-19, according to Dr. Manny Barias of Guymon. It can worsen between 4-12 days after symptom onset and could be dry or with phlegm that’s difficult to clear. Here are some things Dr. Barias has suggested to manage this symptom:

1. Lay on your stomach most of the day and night. "We call this 'proning,'" Dr. Barias explained in a Facebook post. This method can help to clear the lungs, lessen cough and increase oxygen content. You can use a pulse oximeter, which can be found at most drug stores, to monitor your oxygen. Dr. Barias also mentioned that medical consultation is needed if you find it difficult to breath, especially if your oxygen content reads less than 93.

2. Take slow, deep breaths. Fast breathing can induce more coughing, but slow breathing helps move the phlegm from the lower lungs upward.

3. Take Guaifenesin cough syrup, which helps liquefy the phlegm in your system.

4. Hydrate moderately. "Too much water is also not good in COVID," Barias explained.

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