While power has been restored to the City’s well fields, there are still multiple wells that have not yet been taken off generator power and a few other minor issues needing to be resolved which require your help.  Due to these circumstances, the City is requesting customers to not water lawns at this time and not to wash vehicles in driveways at this time.  By following these two simple requests you will be able to ensure you have water to drink and for basic hygiene needs.  To help during this emergency the City has discontinued watering all the City ball fields and is making the location and repair of water leaks a priority task.  The only exception to this measure will be the Sunset Hills Golf Course.  The golf course irrigation system is not a part of the city’s water distribution system and is not a potable water system. The  City does not expect this to be a long term situation but it is needed at this time.  Once the City is comfortable in removing these restrictions a follow-up message will be posted.  Thank you for your help during this emergency measure.

– Joe Don Dunham, City Manager

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