To the Editor:

I don’t usually write letters to be published. My husband KC Rothschopf and myself were tested positive

for COVID. That happened September 2, 2020. We have been quarantined at home and have basically

recovered as of September 25, 2020 when we were released from quarantine.

KC is always quoting the movie Starman when Jeff Bridges (actor playing Starman) was talking to the

scientist about the human species. And I may not quote it exactly, the Starman tells the scientist “what I

find beautiful about the human species is that when things are at their worst you are at your best”. We

felt like things were at their worst but we experienced the best.

We went through some pretty rough patches. During that time our doctor, Dr Barias was taking care of

us. He was texting and checking on us routinely. KC spiked a high fever one evening at 8 at night. He

told us what to get him. First one of my good friends Judy Ramirez went to Walmart that same evening

and got ibuprofen for him. Dr Barias called our pharmacist Chelle Melton that evening and she went to

Clinic Pharmacy and got the prescription and brought it to our home. KC’s fever broke at 11 pm that

same evening. I told Dr Barias the next morning that I felt like he saved KC and should be in doctor hall

of fame.

During this time my daughter Micha is following everything Dr Barias has prescribed and told us to do.

She gave him the high honor of saying he is keeping current with the science of COVID and she is

impressed with him.

Two days later KC ended up in emergency room. He was well cared for and ended up coming home that

evening. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I dropped him off at the ER and was not

allowed to go in with him. So please pray for all those who have had to leave their loved ones at the

hospital alone.

We have had lots of friends and family praying for us, bringing food and caring. Today it seems we don’t

pay attention to all the good in the world. Not sure these things would or could happen in a large city.

To get medicine delivered to your home at night (after pharmacy is closed) and to be so well taken care

of by our doctor.

We can’t say thank you enough to our doctor and his team, to our pharmacist and all our wonderful

family and friends. Guymon is a great home. We are glad we live here and thankful for all the good

people that live here. God has Blessed Us and we are thankful.

Proud to Live in Guymon!

Denise Lunt Rothschopf

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