This weekend the nation will be celebrating the freedoms that have been given to us through the sacrifice of others. 

Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other Patriotic holidays are great reminders throughout the year to take a moment to show appreciation for those who chose to serve their country. 

In hopes of raising awareness and extending appreciation throughout the year, on at least a monthly basis, the Guymon Daily Herald is asking the community to submit photos and short bios on local veterans. These veterans will be featured as Veteran of the Month, or if enough submissions are received, Veteran of the Week. 

"This is a great way for the community, family members, friends and neighbors, to tell the local veterans that they are not forgotten; to let them know their sacrifice is still appreciated, and that we see them," Amanda Duforat said. 

To submit a Veteran of the Month, e-mail Please provide a photo, short bio and branch of the military in which they served. 

As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, take a moment, find a veteran and say 'Thank you'. 

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