Energy Emergency


TCEC urges all members to conserve energy at home and work. Here are some tips to reduce electricity use:

Turn down thermostats to 68-degrees.

Close shades and blinds to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows.

Turn off and unplug non-essential lights and appliances.

Avoid using large appliances (i.e., ovens, washing machines, etc.).

Businesses should minimize the use of electric lighting and electricity-consuming equipment as much as possible.

Large consumers of electricity should consider shutting down or reducing non-essential production processes.

Extreme cold weather has led to regional electricity use that exceeds available generation across the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) service territory. SPP declared an Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) Level 3 at 10:08 a.m. CT on Feb. 15, signaling that its operating reserves are below the required minimum. Currently, reserves are being used to make up the needed generation. However, if that resource is exhausted, potential coordinated rolling blackouts may occur. TCEC has a plan for this and is prepared. We are hopeful this does not happen. This is a complicated, fluid situation and we will keep you informed as we know more.

The primary reason for this event is the extreme cold and the frozen natural gas pipelines and wells serving the generation plants. Gas can’t flow to the generators due to the frozen wells. Work is being done to alleviate this issue.

CEO Zac Perkins will go live on TCEC’s Facebook page at 4 p.m. to discuss the situation and answer questions. A recording will be posted if you miss the live broadcast. The best way to get current information quickly is to follow our Facebook page at

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