Bearson visits Guymon

There is something about a teddy bear that makes things better.

One bear - Bearsun - has been making his mark as he walks from L.A. to New York. The journey is aimed at raising awareness on numerous issues that are ever present in our society - autism, cancer, mental health, disabled community and the environment. 

As Bearsun visits each community the main goal is to bring a little bit of joy to the community while drawing in awareness for these specific issues as well as monetary support for these causes. 

Bearsun has already completed two journeys to San Francisco and Las Vegas in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the National Foundation for Autism Research. Bearsun began this journey in July and has made his arrival in Oklahoma. 

This week, Bearsun went through Guymon and drew in a crowd. 

To find out more about Bearsun and his journey follow him on Instagram. 


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