As your local news source, the Guymon Daily Herald is grateful for all who choose to consume the news regularly. However, sometimes it is good to decompress from what’s happening in the world and transport to an alternate reality via movies and television shows. Here are some recommendations from our readers for what to watch:

  • Pure Flix: a streaming service for faith-based movies, documentaries and shows. One community member recommends watching "The Chosen."
  • Disney Plus: stream Disney shows, movies and originals for all ages. Disney Plus is now showing the new "Frozen" sequel, a popular animated movie for children.
  • Hulu: a streaming service for popular TV shows, movies, live news and more. One local recommends watching "This is Us."
  • Netflix: stream movies, shows and originals. One of our readers recommends "Stranger Things," "The Healing Power of Dude" and "Queen of the South."
  • HGTV: a cable TV network airing shows about home renovation and landscaping that can be surprisingly entertaining.

No matter your preference of genre, there are plenty of options on multiple streaming sites and cable/satellite TV to choose from.

Be sure to check out the entertainment guide in tomorrow's print edition for all the happenings this week on TV.

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