Oklahoma City ­ December 18, 2020 ­ Nothing says the holidays like beef.

Whether gathering around a beautiful Prime Rib Roast with your closest

family and friends, or virtually, the Oklahoma Beef Council is here to

help make this season feel special with festive beef recipes, affordable

wine pairings, and inspiration for budget-stretching leftovers.

While this year feels a little different with smaller gatherings, you can

still celebrate the holidays with a drool-worthy classic such as this Rib

Roast with Horseradish Sauce. This recipe brings the traditional beef

flavor people crave around the holidays but keeps it simple enough for a

stress-free holiday meal.

With smaller gatherings, leftovers are more likely. The beef experts have

you covered there too with effortless recipes that showcase leftover Prime

Rib. Try a Beef and Spinach Breakfast Sandwich or the Four-Seasons Beef

and Brussels Sprout Chopped Salad to keep the celebration going and enjoy

your leftovers the next day.

"While we know this year is different for many families, a holiday beef

roast is always a classic," said Heather Buckmaster, executive director

for the Oklahoma Beef Council.  "At a time when we all need a little

relaxation more than ever, savoring a Prime Rib Roast with family and easy

leftover recipes minimize holiday stress by helping to stretch the budget

and cut down on time in the kitchen the next day."

If putting a Prime Rib Roast at the center of the dinner table isn't

enough holiday cheer for you, be sure to check out the latest spin on the

Beef Drool Log, "'Twas The Night Before Beefmas," which features a beefy

Christmas Eve tale inspired by a true love of beef.

For more holiday inspiration, visit www.oklabeef.org/updates.

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