While heading back to school may look a little different this year, what hasn't changed is children's need for high-quality protein, such as beef, to fuel their active bodies and developing brains. In fact, beef is not only an excellent source of protein for children, it also provides 10 essential nutrients that support an active and healthy lifestyle. Whether returning to school in person or learning virtually from home, the "Beef. It's What's For Dinner." brand and the Oklahoma Beef Council are serving up easy, beefy lunchtime recipes sure to satisfy and nourish kids of all ages.

"As a mom with two young children, I know its challenging to come up with healthy and flavorful school lunches, but keeping it simple and focusing on including high-quality protein and nutrient-dense veggies can help streamline the process and set your kids up for success," said Sheri Glazier, MS, RDN/LD, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant to the Oklahoma Beef Council.  "Nutrition research continues to show the importance of nutrient dense foods, such a beef in providing children with the foundation for a healthy lifestyle."

With a little help from beef, packed school lunches can be the highlight

of your kid's day with these fan favorites:

Roast Beef & Veggie Wraps- Change up the traditional roast beef sandwich

with this simple wrap that includes plenty of vegetables and is easy to

customize to please even the pickiest of eaters.

Saucy Beef Wraps- Reminiscent of a sloppy joe sandwich, these wraps will

give your kid's lunchbox a dose of home.

Beef and Cream Cheese Bagelwich- Make the most out of last night's leftovers or whatever beef you have on hand with this simple recipe.

Balancing working from home and at-home learning is a feat within itself,

but lunch doesn't have to add to the stress. Try these simple recipes for

a quick meal that will help everyone stick to a lunchtime routine:

English Muffin Cheeseburger Pizza- Combining two American favorites, this recipe can be made with simple ingredients you may already have on hand.

Five-Way Mini Meat Loaves- The variations for these meatloaves make for

endless flavor options and can easily be made in advance and warmed up for

a quick lunch.

Cheeseburger Mac- It doesn't get easier than this recipe with three just

ingredients. Add some veggies on the side for an instant kid favorite.

These recipes and many more are available at: www.oklabeef.org/updates.

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