Kari Jauregui

As part of Main Street Guymon's new Bringing Creativity Downtown program, artist Kari Jauregui will be donating 10 percent of her sales from Urban Bru Kitchen to Panhandle Services for Children.

Looking at a watercolor done by Guymon artist Kari Jauregui is a small explosion of happiness that comes to you via color and form. Whether it is one of her cacti, flowers or animals, the color fills you, and you find yourself smiling.

Jauregui says she is “a watercolor artist in love with nature and color. Arizona born, Texas grown, and currently traveling the rest of the United States with my husband and baby. Art has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve had the best guidance from my high school art teacher, professors at OPSU and colleagues.

“I’m constantly trying new techniques, color schemes and materials to mimic how we all grown and change with time. I absolutely love flowers, animals and people, as they are my go-to subjects. My artwork is a modern and vibrant reflection of emotions and how I perceive the world.

“Art is an important tool to convey emotions, tell stories and pass down cultures. I’m very thankful to be an artist and to have a supportive community.”

This month, the young artist has started displaying some of her work at the Urban Bru Kitchen located at 6th and Quinn in Guymon. The modern coffee shop filled with the smells of coffee brewing and the sound of silence resonating in the beautiful shop fits perfectly with Jauregui’s work. And Jauregui loves coffee, too.

“I have a small business and I have a small child that needs a lot of attention, love, and dedication,” the artist shared on her Facebook page. “I guess you can say both lead to early mornings, late nights, coffee, messes, and lots of unexpectedness. But at the end of the day, I love what I do, and I love being a mom. I’m very glad my days consist of parenting and painting. If you’ve ever purchased from me, know that this little guy has more than likely *helped* with the process in some way or another. I would not be surprised if someday a client finds a toy in their package.”

On her Facebook page, Jauregui is as open on the pages as she is with her watercolors.

“Sometimes I get to create art for someone with a particular person in mind. Pieces like this are so real, raw and full of emotion. When stories are shared with me, I get to live them, too, while I’m creating. Some may see just a painting, but others will see a story. A personal story. Family history. Happiness, sadness, and memories. Art is powerful. Even for the one creating it.”

At one point this year, her goal was to paint flowers from all colors of the color wheel.

“I’m always obsessed with flowers,” she admits.

On the Facebook page sharing her beautiful painting of a purple iris, she says, “Art is poetry. Poetry is distinctly unique to the viewer. Poetry that can put into colors and shapes what sometimes words can’t. Poetry that can make one feel something completely different than another. Sometimes the longest and shortest poem. What may be just a flower to you may be remembrance of the best day for someone else. I love to give you back some of your best memories. I love to give you something simple.”

Visit the Urban Bru Kitchen to see some of the work done by Jauregui. Currently, she also has several of her “Dia de los Muertos” paintings in wonderful color and featuring interesting geometric patterns during the month of October. The Kitchen is a coffee shop with breakfast and sandwiches, served from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They are located on the first floor of the old Dale Hotel at 118 NW 6th Street in Guymon.

“I love when I can share some of my Mexican heritage in my work,” says Jauregui. “Let me show you the world through my eyes!”

Jauregui is giving 10 percent of her sales from the Kitchen to Panhandle Services for Children, which in turn will be matched with an equal gift from the Kitchen.

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