Voting FAQ's

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Where do I vote?

Precinct 700101 - First Baptist Church, 609 W. Panhandle, Hooker
Precinct 700102 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 5402 Memory Lane, Guymon
Precinct 700104 - Tyrone City Hall, 102 W Main St, Tyrone
Precinct 700107 - Hardesty High School, 5th and Crawford, Hardesty
Precinct 700201 - First Baptist Church, 2201 N Lelia, Guymon
Precinct 700202 - PTCI Conference Room- Metal Building, 607, S Main St, Guymon
Precinct 700205 - Texas County Activity Center, 5th and Sunset, Guymon
Precinct 700302 - Yarbrough School, 934 7 Road, Goodwell
Precinct 700303 - Texhoma Community Center, 203 N. 2nd St., Texhoma
Precinct 700304 - Goodwell Community Center, 123 S. Main, Goodwell
Precinct 700305 - First Christian Church, 802 N. Quinn, Guymon

Do I need to provide proof of identity?

The proof of identity law requires every voter who votes in person at the precinct polling place or during early voting at the County Election Board to show proof of identity before receiving a ballot.
What can I show for proof of identity?
You may show any document issued by the United States, the State of Oklahoma, or a federally recognized tribal government if it includes your name, a photograph of you, and an expiration date that is later than the election in which you are voting. For example, the following documents meet these requirements:
• Oklahoma driver license
• Oklahoma Identification Card
• United States passport
• United States military identification
The law also requires that your name on your proof of identity must match your name in the Precinct Registry
There are two alternatives to showing a photo identification described above:
1. You may show the free Voter Identification Card issued by the County Election Board as proof of identity even though it does not include a photograph.
2. You may vote by provisional ballot and prove your identity by signing a sworn affidavit.

What hours will the polling locations be open?

7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


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