Vance tenders resignation from MHTC

Staff Writer

An announcement has recently come from Memorial Hospital of Texas County, announcing the resignation of Hospital Administrator Mitch Vance, who has been with MHTC and Synergic Resource Partners, LLC for the past year:

“It is with great sadness the family of MHTC has accepted the resignation of Mitch Vance as Administrator of Memorial Hospital of Texas County.

Mitch has given a lot to the staff, the patients, the city of Guymon and Texas County. Mitch, you will be greatly missed. With Mitch’s guidance, the hospital stands on a more solid ground today. With his leadership, the teams and staff in place at the hospital are ready, willing and able to move the hospital forward into a promising future. Because of the relentless work of the staff and Mitch, MHTC is here, open, stronger, more efficient and moving forward to continue to provide services to the people of Guymon, Texas County and the Panhandle of Oklahoma.

THANK YOU Mitch for your service and my prayers are with you and your fine family!”

The Guymon Daily Herald has also received the following from Vance:

It has been an honor and a privilege to stand with and serve side by side with the incredible staff of Memorial Hospital Texas County (MHTC) and as you are now becoming aware of I will no longer be moving forward with MHTC of my own choice. This decision was not taken lightly and still weighs heavy on my heart but after much prayer and correspondence with my family I believe this is the right decision for both MHTC and my family.

During my tenure here at MHTC, countless individuals have made this experience extremely rewarding and memorable for my family and me and the reflection of this letter is to thank you for the privilege and honor it has been to serve you.

Thank you to the patients and families that have trusted us with your care. We still have imperfections but you have a dedicated team ready to serve your needs with kindness, compassion, and skilled knowledge. Thank you to the staff that has bared with my relentless pursuit of communication (put it in an email) and my desire to push each and every one of you outside your comfort zone to grow and develop into the true healthcare professionals you already were. You are an amazing team! Thank you to the community who welcomed an outsider and his family and made us feel welcomed and part of the community. My family and me thank you. This time spent with all of you has truly been a blessing and an honor.

In closing, MHTC will continue to move forward utilizing teamwork, integrity, humility, and always doing what is right. Synergic Resource Group has the vision, focus, commitment, and determination to move MHTC into a position of financial stability, delivering safe and evidenced based patient care, and gaining the trust of the community it serves. Thank you.

Very respectfully,
Mitch Vance