UPDATE: City Manager Kimberly Meek has released a statement concerning the items removed from gravesites at the Elmhurst Cemetery.

Staff Writer

The City of Guymon City Manager is releasing an apology for those who had items removed from cemetery plots. She spent much of the morning at the cemetery visiting with residents and investigating the matter.
“First, I would like to give my sincere apology for the removal of personal mementos and decorations from plots in Elmhurst Cemetery. I recognize the sentimental attachment that these items hold for loved ones,” City Manager Kimberly Meek said. “I have visited with some of the family members today, and I assured them this was not a City directive, and further removal of items has been brought to a halt.”
“While removal of floral items for mowing is standard, additional items were removed from cemetery plots based on the rules and regulations established by the Board of Cemetery Trustees. However, due to the manner in which removal was executed the employee responsible has been sent home pending further disciplinary action,” Meek added.
Residents are asked to claim their non-floral items at the Cemetery, and are being allowed to return them to the plots. Meek has asked that items which are not found be reported at City Hall, 424 N. Main, or by calling 580-338-3396.
For more information on the Cemetery, please contact Director Pete Headrick at 580-338-3396.