Todd Becker Assembly visits Guymon

Staff Writer

GUYMON – The Todd Becker Foundation is an assembly group based in Kearney, NE that presents to high school students across the Midwest. The foundation and its touring band traveled to Guymon High School on Wednesday, Jan. 8, to deliver two different presentations.

The afternoon presentation held during school hours was directed toward students in grades 9-12. Keith Becker illustrated the story of his younger brother, Todd, whose chain of poor choices led to his death at 18 years old. Becker encourages students to “take the narrow road,” a message inspired by Matthew 7:13 in the Bible. The message of this first assembly aims to teach students about the importance of their choices and the consequences that follow.

The second assembly held Wednesday evening welcomed students, parents, and community members alike. This event featured a performance by the band All the Noise, and Becker spoke on topics such as living a Christian life, knowing where oneself will go after death, and the realities of sin and Hell.

The Todd Becker Foundation representatives also spoke briefly about their free “Stint” internship program open to high school juniors and seniors. Students who apply and are chosen for the program travel across the Midwest with the Todd Becker Foundation for a nine-month period to assist with assemblies.

Keith Becker gave a special “thank-you” to Sunset Lane Baptist Church and other local churches that spearheaded the assembly and supported the foundation’s mission.

More information about the Todd Becker Foundation and the Stint internship can be found at


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