Texhoma Pride hosts community clean-up

Staff Writer

Texhoma Pride will be hosting a spring community clean-up in Texhoma on April 1 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Residents from both sides of town are welcome to participate in the event.

Any Texhoma resident needing to dispose of tires may contact Carla Pugh at (620)655-2948.

Chris Hedges, Senior Minister of the Christian Church in Texhoma and the church youth will be available for yard and branch clean-up if residents are unable to do this themselves. Texhoma residents may contact Hedges at (806)336-1791.

Service on the Oklahoma side of town include a roll-off located south of the country barn, north of Texhoma on Highway 95. This roll-off accepts all debris except batteries, tires and tree limbs. It is always open and there is no fee. Tree limbs and branches from both sides of town may now be dumped on the tree limb pile adjacent to the ag barn on Highway 95. However, you must stop by the city office on the Oklahoma side to express your intention to do so.

Texas side residents also have access to a roll-off, located adjacent to the Texas side city office, enclosed in a metal fence, which is always unlocked. This facility accepts any trash except batteries, tires, oil, concrete and tree limbs. There is no charge. Tree limbs may be dropped off east of the cemetery. There is no charge, but this area is only for Texhoma residents. No commercial tree limb dumping is permitted.


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