Texhoma names Homecoming candidates

Texhoma High School announces their Homecoming candidates.  Shown front row (l-r): Jaqueline de la Fuente, Victoria Davis, Beatriz Garay, Socorro Cisneros. Back row (l-r): Miguel Zambada, Damian Martinez, Hayden Harland, Carson Bolin, Slade Glover, Brody Brand, and Kyzen Hudson.
Staff Writer

Socorro Cisneros: Parents:Patricia and Edgar Ornelas, siblings: Eddy, Adrian, and Ivan Ornelas
Victoria Davis: Parents: Julie Davis and Cliff Davis, brother: Zak Morris
Jaqueline de la Fuente: Parents: Miriam and Hugo de la Fuente, siblings: Leslie de la Fuente and Hugo de la Fuente, Jr.
Beatriz Garay: Parents: Moises and Maria Garay, siblings: Moises and Kimberly Garay
Brody Brand: Parents: Crystal Jackson and Ty Brand, siblings: Kourtney Thelander, Justice Thelander, Sley Brand, Marley Brand, Zander Brand, and Brey Brand
Damian Martinez: Parents: Miguel and Laura Martinez
Miguel Zambada: Parent: Florinda Sanchez, sibling: Adrian Zambada
Hayden Harland: Parents: Ranee Harland and Heath Harland, siblings: Clara Harland
Carson Bolin: Parents: Nancy Chapman and Anthony and Michelle Bolin, siblings: Forrest Roach, Charley Salamanca, Carley Bolin
Jason Martinez: Parents: George and Margarita Johnson, siblings: Edwin, Bryan, Marion, and George
Slade Glover: Parent: Summer Webb
Kyzen Hudson: Parent: Harold Hudson, siblings: Carter Hudson and Mary Koren Hudson