Sunset Lake gets clean up

Staff Writer

While City of Guymon parks are in the process of being fixed up, city workers recently attended to Sunset Lake by cleaning it up. Dead trees and debris were removed from the park Friday during a clean up day.
“We try to do it twice a year. Eventually we want to get the other parks, but Sunset Lake was so bad … we’ve done this four times and you can see there’s still a way to go,” said Dean McFadden, Guymon Fire Department Fire Chief.
McFadden said the massive number of trees the park has is a safety hazard because people can hide behind the trees. IBTS, GFD, Guymon Police Department, Public Works employees and more trimmed the larger trees and cleared out a major number of trees.
Some of the trees were dead while others weren’t able to grow because they couldn’t reach the sunlight.
City workers also tidied up the park by picking up trash and debris. McFadden said the partnership and the clean up day is all about community pride.
Public Works Director Pete Headrick agreed with McFadden.
“I want to thank everyone for helping and maintaining the city parks,” Headrick said. “I appreciate the hard work.”