Spirit bus for Hardesty-Yarbrough regional championship at Leedey

Staff Writer


Yarbrough has graciously offered to make a "Pep" bus available again. Any Hardesty students, parents or community members may ride.

Departure will be Saturday at roughly 2:40pm. Please arrive before then.

Space is limited. Please, if you reserve a spot and are unable to make it, NOTIFY us. We will make that seat available to another person.

If you would like to reserve a spot contact: ccorbin@hardesty.k12.ok.us or use FB messager.

A seat has not been reserved unless you have had it been confirmed by a return message.

Students 5th grade and under are required to have a parent ride with them. Any student must not have had disciplinary issues as well.

All passengers are responsible for their own admission and concessions costs.

Get after it H-Y, you got this!


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