SPF North America begins operations in Guymon

The SPF ribbon cutting ceremony took placeon Tuesday afternoon at their location at 3249 Tumbleweed Drive in Guymon. Many supporters were in attendance as they heard from many organizers and managers in the Guymon community, as well as many important people who are a part of SPF. SPF’s mission says; “We develop innovative solutions for pet food manufacturers, intended to improve the palatability of food and the well-being of dogs and cats. With our profound knowledge of animal food preferences, we can offer a wide variety of flavour.” A lot went into the process of getting the SPF plant location in Guymon, and with help from the state and, the community of Guymon, and the members of SPF, the process is now complete. “In the end we decided because of all the great reasons to be here, the support from the local folks, the support from the state and all of that, and Seaboard next door, this was the place that we wanted to put our plant,” said SPF North America’s CEO, David Berry. “We’re very proud to be part of the Guymon community,” said Berry. “We look forward to a very long and beneficial relationship between SPF, our employees, and all the good folks here in Guymon.”Stan Ralston of the Oklahoma Dept. of Commerce was in attendance to speak about the plant and this investment in the Oklahoma Panhandle, and more specifically the location of Guymon. “This is especially enjoyable for me today to be a part of this ceremony.” said Ralston. “I am happy for the jobs and the investments and the economic activity that this brings to what I still consider my hometown.” City Manager, Ted Graham and Community Development Director, Vicki McCune also spoke about the positive impact this plant will have on the community of Guymon and how it will improve our economic development.“You know, one of the great things about the Panhandle is that we’ve really sustained our economy pretty well over the years,” said McCune. “Oklahoma, as a whole, has done pretty well holding their stability, but especially here in Guymon and the Panhandle. A big part of that is because we are an Ag-based region.”McCune listed all the valuable organizations, companies, and products that have been obtained in the Panhandle that help the region sustain the stability that it currently has. “It just makes Guymon just a really strong base and a solid future for growth here,” said McCune.She also stated how excited she is and looks forward to working with them in the future and to expanding the business and thanked all those have helped make this project possible. President of SPF/Diana Petfood, Jean-Pierre Rivery was also in the Panhandle to attend the ceremony, and had many people to thank, and among them were the people of Guymon“I am very proud to be with the local people of Guymon,” said Rivery, “because without local people, it is not possible to succeed.”