School board moves to choose advisory committee

Staff Writer

There are what could be called major issues Guymon Public Schools currently faces. Aging buildings, tight spaces and a growing student population stare down students, teachers, support staff, administrators and board members every day. Repairs are discussed at every board meeting, with big bills to get them paid for. Classrooms are nearly bursting at the seams at all grade levels as teachers juggle space for materials and growing young minds. Principals are working hard to ensure students get a balance of as many programs as possible with what resources are available at each school.
It isn’t easy being an educator in Guymon. The five members of the Board of Education - Mike Ray, Elvia Hernandez, Vicki McKinnon, Carla Hernandez and Lee Fowler - have spoken to administrators and maintenance throughout a tour of each school in the district, and are hearing their concerns loud and clear.
On Monday night, the board convened in a special meeting to discuss what solutions may be on the table, ask what the most cost effective and realistic solutions are, and make a decision on whether an advisory board is needed to move things forward for the future of the district’s students, and ultimately the future of the City of Guymon.
“Tonight we need to decide what’s our goal. Do we want to repair what we saw? Do we want to build a new one?” Board President Mike Ray asked the other board members.
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