Rustic backyard reveals beautiful treasure in Guymon - 16th Annual Fall Garden Tour takes place on Sept. 21, tickets now on sale

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It’s hard to tell today, but Rick and Glenna Williams lost their back yard and a lot of what was there eight years ago. Today it’s a lush and well groomed treasure with a view through history placed throughout among a beautiful green lawn and colorful blooms, along with ideal spots that attract native birds.
Shops, sheds and storage along with comfy open and hidden seating is found throughout the Williams' gardens, creating a true retreat right at home. A flagstone patio, antiques, block rocks once used for bridge supports, salvaged wood structures and of course the flowers encircle the whole yard in an apparent labor of love.
Petunias, geraniums, dusty miller, pampas grass, Cleveland pear trees, honeysuckle vines, butterfly bushes, peonies, daisies, chrysanthemum and so many more gorgeous plants bring a full garden together for fall tour attendees to enjoy.
The Williams' are best known for Rick’s tepee, which has become a special trip for school children and others interested in history and seeking more. Glenna said she was not sure if the tepee would be up for visitors or not. However, there will still be plenty to enjoy about this wonderful stop on the Delphinium Garden Club’s annual fall garden tour.
The 16th Annual Fall Garden Tour takes place on Sept. 21 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Tickets for Saturday in the Gardens are $5 each and can be purchased in advance at Brown & Associates Insurance at 917 N. Main St. or at Helms Garden Shop at 124 N. Quinn St. in Guymon. Tickets can also be purchased on the date of the tour at any of the host yards; tour attendees can begin the tour at any one of the four locations.


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