Prairie Elementary to enact new drop-off and pickup plan Thursday

Staff Writer

Plans can look good on paper and in theory, but are tested once they’re put into play.

Such is the case at Guymon’s Prairie Elementary, where traffic and safety concerns have taken a prominent spot in conversations among district administrators, who are working out a way to ensure a safe and clear pickup and drop-off process for elementary students.

Guymon Public Schools Superintendent Angela Rhoades points out last year Prairie only had 200 students. This year with Salyer Elementary closed and teachers moved into new classrooms added on to Prairie, that number has doubled - creating a whole new level of morning and afternoon traffic issues to iron out.

On Wednesday morning, Rhoades and a team including school site administration and district resource officers examined what is taking place in person, then worked out a new plan to ensure parents can get through the drop-off line as smoothly as possible while also ensuring the safety of students and drivers.

Letters were sent home with students and parents at the release of school on Wednesday afternoon, outlining where parents of each grade level will drop off and pick up their students.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Prairie Elementary at (580)338-0420, or call the central administration office at a (580)338-4340.

Further details regarding our interview with Rhoades can be found in the Aug. 22, 2019 edition of the Guymon Daily Herald.


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