Photo scavenger hunt to open up the wonder of Guymon

April Coble
Staff Writer

Scavenger hunts are fun. You get clues, hit the path and discover things you may have not seen before.

That's the idea behind a photo scavenger hunt being hosted by the Guymon Public Library in the month of July, with photographers of all levels and ages, whether they have a professional rig or a cell phone. All it takes is a little reading and footwork, and everyone can participate.

The GPL Town Photo Scavenger Hunt is set to bring Guymonites to places all around the City of Guymon, both current and historical.

"What we're wanting to do is use it to get people to get out about town and find out about some of the history, where significant places are," Librarian Blair Henson said. "Like me, I still don't know a whole lot about Guymon, and I've been here five years."

The hunt will take place July 3 through July 27, and the Guymon Daily Herald will have the hints in print for intrepid scavenger hunters to get their collection of photos. Hints will be printed in different locations in the daily publication for hunters to find before heading out to get the next item. Those will a full set of photos from each item will earn an entry into a drawing for photography themed prizes, including an Images of Guymon book by Dr. Sara Richter, and other photography books and items.

Henson says Melyn Johnson, Director of Main Street Guymon, assisted with the list of items and locations for those on the hunt to locate. Items can be submitted to the library in person at 1718 N. Oklahoma St., on the Guymon Public Library & Arts Center page on Facebook, or can be emailed directly to Henson at A complete set of photos must be submitted in order to be entered into the drawing.