Notice to subscribers on potential scam calls

Staff Writer

The Guymon Daily Herald received a call this week from a subscriber asking about the status of their subscription. During that call, we were informed a man identifying himself by the name of someone who does not work for the Guymon Daily Herald told the customer their subscription had expired and they needed to mail payment.

We go through a process of notification with a letter and progress to calls for collection if determined necessary. Currently, no men work in the circulation department of the Guymon Daily Herald. As of now, if you receive a collection call, it will be from circulation manager Kelli Strickland. Payments should ONLY be mailed to P.O. Box 19, Guymon, OK 73942.

Our carriers are discouraged from taking payment for subscriptions. Subscribers are advised to mail to the post office box address above, or bring payment directly to the office at 515 N. Ellison St.

If you receive one of these calls and are suspicious of the notice, please hang up and contact us directly at the office at (580)338-3355. We value our subscribers, and want to prevent any loss through this apparent scam.


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