No Man’s Land Regional Park lighting project complete Travel Center lighting

Guymon is gearing up for Spring and that means added amenities at local parks areas.“We are going to turn the water on at all the parks and the cemetery,” Public Works Director Ivan Clark said. “Water will be turned on Tuesday, April 1, weather permitting.”Also in time for spring, new lighting projects in several public areas continue to move forward as No Man’s Land Regional Park on Hwy 3, and the Skate Park located inside of it, are now completed.Two large lights now shine over the skate park, and several pedestrian poles light cement walkways to picnic areas, a playground, the skate park, and the restrooms.In addition to covered picnic areas, grills, and the skate park, No Man’s Land Regional Park is home to the Travel Information Center. The Travel Center is frequented by visitors coming from or headed east and serves as a “first impression” in deciding if a traveler will stop for a meal or stay a night. Additional lighting was added at the Travel Center’s entrance and its court yard which is home to historical markers about the Hugoton-Guymon Natural Gas Field and Pioneer Settler’s Brands. Lighting was also updated at the RV Sewage Disposal area.Being the first impression of many travelers, the Guymon Convention and Tourism Board has completed renovation projects at the Travel Center and No Man’s Land Regional Park for three years.Most recently, the board voted to have the picnic table roofs renovated as the wood shingles were in various stages of disrepair. Copper tone metal rooftops were installed to match the Travel Center’s roof which was upgraded two years ago.The parks crew recently repaired and installed new wind barrier walls at the picnic areas. They also repaired the park’s sprinkler system.All of these beautification efforts help make this park a great first impression for travelers, and a great lasting impression for residents of Guymon who enjoy No Man’s Land Regional Park and the skate park on a regular basis.The Convention and Tourism Board’s projects are paid for by visitors who stay in Guymon hotels and motels and are charged a bed tax which must be used in promoting Guymon’s tourism, recreation, and the economy.For more information on the City of Guymon visit, or call the Community Development Office at 580-338-5838.

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