New Driver’s Manual Information Aims To Assist With Police Encounters

Staff Writer

The Oklahoma Driver’s Manual will now include a “What to Do and Expect When Stopped by Law Enforcement” insert, following conversations between the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC) and the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS). The additional information is designed to better prepare citizens for interactions with members of law enforcement.

“In recent years, I’ve heard from many people about unnecessary negative encounters with law enforcement. These stories cause me great concern, so I was relieved to hear about efforts to minimize such encounters,” said OLBC Chair Rep. George Young, D-Oklahoma City. “This insert is a great step forward, and we should all be encouraged by the teamwork between the OLBC and DPS.”

“What to Do and Expect When Stopped By Law Enforcement” outlines information on how citizens can help encounters with law enforcement end positively. It also includes information on steps citizens can take if treated inappropriately by a law enforcement officer.

“I am very thankful to DPS and Commissioner Rusty Rhoades for recognizing the necessity and usefulness of this insert and the support of making it happen,” Young said.