Memorial Hospital suit against SRP Guymon dismissed

Staff Writer

A civil case filed in Texas County by Memorial Hospital of Texas County against SRP Guymon, LLC on April 8 has been dismissed following a hearing on April 16.
The filing against SRP, the management company formerly handling all operational work at the hospital was for breach of contract and came with an injunction. The civil case filed sought relief in excess of $10,000. A temporary restraining order without notice and order and a notice of hearing on a temporary injunction was included with the filing.
No details have been released in regards to the civil case. A dismissal of petition for breach of contract and temporary and permanent injunction and motion for temporary restraining order without notice. An order was issued dissolving the temporary restraining order and struck the hearing on the temporary injunction that was formerly scheduled to take place on April 23.
On April 11, a public release was sent out on behalf of both the Memorial Hospital of Texas County Authority and SRP Guymon, LLC announcing the hospital would transition to full operational control under the trust authority, stating that the authority was able to do so following a decision of voters at the polls to pass a .45 percent tax county wide.
“SRP Guymon will be fully supportive in assisting in the transition of the facility operations back to the authority, where a local hospital should be,” SRP CEO Doug Swim stated.
The trust authority with that announcement and the dismissal of the civil suit will fully take operations back from SRP Guymon moving forward.
County and hospital officials have not released comment on the case.