Mayor O’Sullivan attends State Capitol

The Mayors Council of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Municipal League sponsored a legislative opportunity for Mayors across Oklahoma at the state Capitol last week. Mayors statewide represented their communities and experienced the legislative process first hand, at The Oklahoma Congress of Mayors, to debate municipality issues and craft an agenda for 2011 legislatures to consider. Guymon's own Mayor David O'Sullivan, who felt this meeting was worthwhile, attended the event. "It gave mayors across the state a chance to come to the capitol to discuss issues of importance to Oklahoma Municipalities," said O'Sullivan, "It was a thrill and somewhat intimidating to stand on the House Floor and answer questions and debate with the other Mayors."Director of Intergovernmental Relations Missy Dean said the Congress of Mayors was a two year work in progress with the goal of the meeting to allow the Mayors to become better advocates for their communities by learning more about how the legislative process works. “We have over 75 mayors and vice mayors from across the state here to learn about the legislative process," said Dean in a press release about the meeting, "For some, this is their first time at the Capitol. We want them to know what goes on and what their legislators are doing."O'Sullivan reported the group consisted of five separate conference committees, Transportation/Infrastructure, Public Safety, Municipal Operations, Community & Economic Development and Municipal Finance. O'Sullivan served Transportation /Infrastructure."While in committee we read and amended a resolution that had been written in advance that addressed issues of road maintenance, fuel taxes, ODEQ consent orders, and other matters related to Transportation and Infrastructure," said O'Sullivan, "Following lunch we returned to the House Chambers where each committee presented their resolution to the entire body."After resolution questions were discussed and additional amendments were proposed, the resolutions were debated and voted upon by committee members. The resolutions from all five committees will be forwarded to legislatures for consideration with possible action. "It was a very eye-opening experience to see how the state legislative process works.  It was also beneficial to focus on issues that affect Oklahoma’s towns and cities," said O'Sullivan, "I think this was a great start to getting Oklahoma Mayors working together to help the citizens of their communities."