Mayor issues apology for "white trash" comment

Staff Writer

In a recent story on immigration and the potential effects of a Trump administration on Guymon, immigration and rural America, a pull-out quote outside of the story was shared that has caused an uproar around town, with many Guymon residents expressing offense.

The quote given with the story in an image said: "No matter where you are from there is the same amount of good and bad people in every race. Our biggest problems in Guymon since Seaboard has come … has been, excuse my French, but the same white trash that has lived here forever." The statement was attributed to Mayor Kim Peterson.

From calls to media, contact made with city officials and even discussions in various groups, many have agreed the mayor made a poor choice of words.

During Thursday evening's city council meeting, Peterson issued the following apology: "Personally, I want to publicly apologize for a statement that I made in jest in a recent interview. I regret my poor choice of words, and again I apologize to anyone I may have offended."


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