Man crosses country with message of unity and kindness

james anania walk across america
Staff Writer

This gentleman is walking across the United States to carry a cross and a message of unity to his fellow countrymen. It is a message some share with him, but only a few are willing to go out of the way to carry it to people face-to-face.

James Anania started off in Los Angeles with a flight to Washington, D.C. with one thing in mind - the division between Americans. As Americans become more divided over topics including sports, religion and politics. Traversing the highways, Anania hopes to encourage people to unite with one another, rather than remaining divided with the divisive arguments led by national media. A month ago, he passed through Wichita, Kansas. This week, he passed through the Oklahoma panhandle.

The trip began on Father's Day with the motivation to follow Christian values such as loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Anania has expressed his concerns about the nation turning to martial law as people continue to divide and fight against one another, giving those in authority reason to chip away at freedoms. He has stated his being a Christian isn't what matters, rather, but following the values that faith teaches.

Anania hopes to return home by Christmas.


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