Locals distraught at cemetery uproar

Staff Writer

Many people in Guymon spent their Monday at the Elmhurst Cemetery attempting to salvage personal belongings that were once placed on gravesites after cemetery employees removed them from the cemetery to follow rules and regulations.
“For them to do something like this, this is ridiculous,” Griego said. “I can see them going through there and taking flowers off but everything that I had just bought are gone. Maybe to them it doesn’t mean anything, but to us it does.”
Guymon Daily Herald asked City Manager Kimberly Meek the following questions and was provided these answers:
Was the employee authorized to remove the items, and if so how does that policy work? He is authorized by policy to remove the items, the policy is set by the Board of Cemetery Trustees and approved by council.
A copy of the Rules and Regulations of the Elmhurst Cemetery is posted at the Cemetery Directory.
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