Information from county clerk’s office shows former TIF numbers

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Numbers from the documents submitted to the Texas County Clerk’s Office show what revenues would have been paid out from Seaboard Foods’ current tax increment district if it were paid and disbursed to all parties for 2019. (Numbers do not include the expansion that will be up for a vote of the Guymon City Council on Dec. 10. Current valuations will go on the tax rolls, while the proposed expansion will be in a new tax increment district.)
The document shows the City of Guymon received a TIF payment of $1,409,611.
Based on the current valuation, Guymon Public Schools would have received:

• $674,259.86 - School General Fund

• $96,242.28 - School Building Fund

• $337,975,81 - School Sinking Fund

The county millage rate was also calculated, showing funding that would have been paid to school districts throughout Texas County at the following amounts:

• Yarbrough - $1,683.76

• Guymon - $50,592.16

• Optima - $773.42

• Hardesty - $1,258.55

• Hooker - $10,732.47

• Tyrone - $3,549.91

• Goodwell - $4,000.20

• Texhoma - $4,071.10

• Straight - $595.40

• Total amount: $77,256.98

Numbers for the amounts not paid due to a tax increment district are based on each school district’s average daily attendance numbers on record, with a total of 4,435.10 students attending on average daily throughout Texas County.
The Guymon City Council will convene and begin with a public hearing for a new tax increment district for Seaboard Foods on Dec. 10 starting at 6 p.m. in city council chambers inside Guymon City Hall at 424 N. Main St. Agendas are posted at the front doors of city hall and online at ahead of meetings. These meetings are open to the public.


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