Hurliman road remains closed, tickets will be given to those that attempt to use bridge

Staff Writer

According to Texas County Commissioner, Dickie Bryan, "The ODOT engineer has been out and inspected Hurliman bridge at T Road intersection and it is unstable. there will be no traffic, there should be no traffic on that road whatsoever. No cars, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, nothing can go across that road until we stabilize it. As it stands right now, we can go in and we can stabilize the bridge and salvage the bridge to where it's usable. If it deteriorates, if traffic causes it to deteriorate very much farther, we will not be able to, and it will be a $2-3 million job to replace the bridge. So as of right now we can stabilize it so we have more time to be able to make a plan and get some funding together in order to rebuild that bridge. There is no traffic allowed. None whatsoever. And it will be patrolled by the Sheriff's deputies, and they will be ticketing people. We've been lenient up to now, but they will be ticketed for bypassing the barricades. We actually have confirmation from ODOT engineers that it is unstable and cannot handle any traffic."



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