Harvey hits home for OPSU students; Trailer Park, Dancer's to help

April Coble
Staff Writer

Imagine getting the chance to go to college, and heading hundreds of miles away from home, when disaster strikes. Your family has lost everything, and getting what you need to continue with school right at the beginning of the year now looks shaky.

That's the reality several Oklahoma Panhandle State University students are facing right now in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Their families are living in shelters, and life has just made a troublesome turn for some of these young people starting their higher educational path and adult lives.

A challenge is now issued to the Texas County community at large to step up in good Panhandle tradition to take care of our own.

That tradition will have a point of collection at Dancer's Fine Wine and Liquor and The Trailer Park food truck, where donation boxes will be set up to gather tips and donations for OPSU students affected by Harvey. The duo will match up to $500 worth of those donations.

Shea Krier, who works alongside her family at Dancer's and is the proprietor of The Trailer Park directly behind the store, is spearheading the effort the two businesses are taking on to help.

Krier says she has spoken with college admissions staff, who are working extra to ensure these students are set to attend. Now the community must pull together to ensure these young people are able to continue their educations.

"Some kids have nothing, and they're even trying to scramble just to get their paperwork in," Krier said. "A few of them have no money. Their parents can't send them money."

Krier said at least one parent has had trouble finding the paperwork needed, just to ensure one student can eat while waiting for new paperwork to be completed. Food, money for laundry and necessities; it's all on hold while families and students wait.

Krier knows the heart of the people who live in Texas County.

"Our little county really does take care of people," Krier said. "It's saying hey, you picked the right school, you picked the right state, and you picked the right people to help your kids out."

For those not yet familiar with The Trailer Park, it is a unique food service truck parked behind Dancer's that serves a menu of burgers, sandwiches and sides with a different kind of flair. Patrons are able to take their food away with them, or enjoy the down home trailer park atmosphere with shaded tables and friendly staff. From the pineapple jalapeño cream cheese burger to fried pickles and sweet potato fries, there's a little something for everyone. Both businesses sit at 101 NE 24th St. in Guymon. The Trailer Park can be found on Facebook with menus and special items posted, or you can call to find out more at (580)468-3663.

The donation boxes will be set up next week from Monday, Sept. 11 through Saturday, Sept. 16 to accept tips and donations at both businesses.

A bank account will also be set up at Bank of the Panhandle at 1223 N. Main St. in Guymon for those who are unable to donate at the businesses and would still like to help.

*The names of the OPSU students affected by Hurricane Harvey will not be released with this story to protect their privacy.