Guymon parent speaks out on school dress code

Staff Writer

The first day of school is filled with anticipation. Students meet their teachers for the year, new supplies are carried and placed in lockers and desks, and nice new clothes are chosen for the special day.

It comes with a roadblock: many schools have a dress code. It can make picking just the right thing for that first day when everyone wants to look nice just a little harder.

That's what the twin daughters of local mother Kara Curtis found out on Wednesday after the girls' first day of their junior year at Guymon High School. After getting dressed in their very best to look good for that first day, they were informed in the hallway that their outfits were causing "concern", and were advised to be aware of the length in the back could be affected by their school bags. The girls were not pulled from class.

"It is my understanding that the outfits Alex and Avery wore to their first day of Junior year were of 'concern' to several faculty and staff members at Guymon High School," Curtis wrote. "They were dress coded and told their clothing was inappropriate."

The dress code does not mention gender, but does mention length requirements. The first rule in the code states, "Skirts, dresses, shorts, and culottes are to be mid-thigh or below. Blue jeans are acceptable without holes or tears. Biker shorts, tights, and leggings may be work if outside garment meets dress code policy." The full code is in the student-parent handbook on pages 21 and 22, and can be found online at

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