Guymon junior high to no longer require clear backpacks

April Coble
Staff Writer

After a short discussion on changes to student handbooks for the 2018-2019 school year, it has been revealed that Guymon Central Junior High School will no longer require clear backpacks.

While some minor changes to wording in relation to excused absences were made for elementary, junior high and high school students, one major change comes for parents of seventh and eighth graders.

While having clear backpacks was touted as a benefit in the past as a way to prevent students from sneaking food and drink into classrooms and reduced messes and carpet damage, GCJHS Assistant Principal Tyler Chapman presented the change to the board.

"It's a hassle to buy those bags. They're hard to find, and they're not very well made," Chapman said. "I just think pre-K through sixth does it with regular backpacks. 9 through 12 does. I think seventh and eighth can handle it."

Changes on signing students out from high school and deliveries to students also has a new policy for the next school year. According to discussion with Principal Randy Williams, parents will have to sign students out at the front office if they check them out for any reason during the school day, including lunch. Parents will no longer be allowed to pick students up from other locations at the school. Deliveries, such as lunches or gifts, will be required to be delivered to the office before being taken to students in classrooms.

The board unanimously approved the changes.


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