Governor Mary Fallin signs REAL ID compliance bill

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Governor Mary Fallin today, joined by Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz and House Speaker Charles McCall, signed House Bill (HB) 1845, the REAL ID compliance bill. The new law will allow persons to obtain a compliant REAL ID driver's license or identification card.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate gave overwhelming support to HB 1845. It passed the House 78-18 and won 35-11 approval in the Senate.

HB 1845 was a priority measure for the governor, who urged lawmakers during her State of the State address this year to pass a measure that makes Oklahoma compliant with the federal REAL ID Act. HB 1845 is the first measure of this year’s legislative session to be signed into law by the governor.

“I appreciate the hard work and determination of Speaker Charles McCall and President Pro Tem Mike Schulz in getting this legislation crafted and approved overwhelmingly in both the House and Senate,” said Fallin. “I applaud our lawmakers for working in a constructive, bipartisan fashion to get this bill to my desk.

“Our citizens let us know they wanted action on this legislation so they wouldn’t be burdened with the cost and hassle of providing additional identification to gain entrance to federal buildings, military bases or federal courthouse. And they most certainly didn’t want to have to pay for additional identification, such as a passport, in order to board a commercial airliner beginning in January. The people spoke and our legislators listened. And I’m pleased to sign House Bill 1845 into law.”

“Maintaining access for the thousands of Oklahomans who work on military bases is a matter of national security,” Schulz said. “Making Oklahoma compliant with the REAL ID law means those civilian contractors working on military bases can continue to support the men and women in the Armed Forces who defend our freedoms. This bill also gives Oklahomans a choice, and lets them choose an ID that is not compliant with the federal law. The passage of this legislation is a great example of how the Legislature and the governor can get things done when we come together and work toward a common goal. I look forward to that continued partnership as we address the challenges facing Oklahoma and work to build a more prosperous state.”

“The Legislature has quickly resolved a matter important for our citizens and our economy,” McCall said. “This bill will bring our state into compliance with federal law while protecting the privacy and freedom of our citizens. Those Oklahomans who are concerned about privacy and liberty will be allowed to opt out and receive a state-compliant ID, but those citizens who need access to federal installations or who desire to travel can receive a federally compliant ID. I have never seen a bill pass both chambers and get signed into law in four weeks, so this is an example of how we can all work together to get a priority for the people of Oklahoma accomplished.”


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