Farmer's Market to begin July 9 with new rules in place

Staff Writer

The Guymon Main St. Farmer's Market is set to begin July 9 and run through September 24, from 8 am - 11 am. There are some new rules this year if you plan to participate that you will need to take a look at.
The Home Bakery Act states that vendors cannot sell personal baked goods directly at the farmer’s market. The Act requires all of the activities of the business to occur at a residence, including the sale of the goods.
“The farmer’s market is meant for fruits and vegetables,” said county health inspector Erica Sharkey.
Along with the Home Bakery Act, vendors will not be allowed to sell canned goods without a manufacturing license. If vendors wish to sell canned goods they will need a commercial building and a commercial kitchen that are licensed through the state. For further information, or if you want to pick up a registration form contact Melyn Johnson, Main Street Guymon Director, at 580-338-6246 or


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