Fallin signs approval on application, Shawnee and Golden Mesa Casino move forward

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Statement from Chief Ron Sparkman, Shawnee Tribe was given to the Guymon Daily Herald:

“On behalf of the Shawnee Tribe, we are very grateful to Governor Mary Fallin for approving our application. We are also deeply thankful to the many people in Guymon, the Panhandle and around the state who unselfishly worked over the past two years on this project. On a personal level, I am also most appreciative to my dear friend Governor Bill Anoatubby of the Chickasaw Nation for his kindness and willingness to help our tribe finally realize its dream of economic independence. As a landless Tribe, the granting of land represents a historic event of indescribable importance to us. As we look ahead, we will extend the hand of friendship and partnership to the citizens of the Panhandle. As I’ve said on many occasions, we pledge to be a good community citizen by running a responsible enterprise with our respected operator, Global Gaming Solutions, and we will value the opportunity to work side-by-side with local organizations who share a common desire to find ways to build better and stronger communities across the Panhandle.”

Statement from Michael Shannon, executive director of the Panhandle Regional Economic Development Coalition:

Our economy in the Panhandle needs greater diversification. This project will not only help us diversify our economy, but it will also create a new category of economic opportunity for the region — entertainment. According to economic studies, the casino will be a destination for visitors from surrounding states, especially Texas, bringing in money that will circulate in our local economy. The enterprise will also bring new jobs to our region. We are pleased the Governor approved the application and we are excited to move forward with the Shawnee Tribe and Global Gaming Solutions on this project.

Quote given by Governor Mary Fallin:

“I concur with the secretary of the interior’s determination that the Shawnee Tribe’s proposal will provide economic development to the Guymon and surrounding area, bringing in out-of-state dollars as it will draw from population centers outside our state,” said Fallin. “This will also benefit the Shawnee Tribe in helping it develop a funding source as it works toward self-determination and self-governance.”

See Wednesday's Guymon Daily Herald for full press release.


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