Dress code changes, junior high to require clear backpacks next year

April Coble
Staff Writer

The Guymon Public Schools Board of Education gathered in a regular scheduled meeting this week to go over district business, including discussion of the district's dress code, as well as changes to student handbooks for the 2017-2018 school year.

Results of the discussion on the district dress code have given way to changes in hopes of a less subjective code for all students.

Along with some minor changes to the high school student handbook and the junior high handbook, it was revealed during the meeting that students of Guymon Central Junior High School will be required to use clear backpacks. Junior high Principal Claudia Winters noted some issues with students sneaking items to class that have caused problems in the classrooms and for school custodians.

More details will be available in the May 10, 2017 edition of the Guymon Daily Herald.


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