Dizzy B’s survives the mega billions, sells $100,000 winner in Powerball drawing

Staff Writer

By April Coble

They’ve been number one in sales for years, and were named number two for lottery ticket sales statewide this year. Now, they’ve sold another big winner in Tuesday’s Powerball drawing.
The Oklahoma Lottery Commission announced on Facebook on Wednesday morning that a $100,000 winning ticket was sold at Dizzy B’s for the Tuesday drawing, and another $50,000 ticket was sold at a convenience store in Norman.
One piece of information Jennifer Williams shared is that stores selling lottery tickets don’t receive anything when someone wins. However, they do get commissions for selling and cashing tickets. On Wednesday, it was reported that Dizzy B’s was the number two seller of lottery tickets this year. The convenience stop has made number one statewide in the past, following a $25,000 winner in 2007 that led to an increase in sales.
“So excited that we were on the front page of the paper, and then we have a big winner!” Williams said.
The familiar and friendly stop that greets customers as they enter the doors and wishes them a good day as they head out sells about $50,000 worth of lottery tickets a month on average. Dizzy B’s sells scratch-off tickets, MegaMillions, Powerball and others, giving locals a chance at both the smaller prizes and the big jackpots every day.