Council receives city audit, city drops on overall grade

April Coble
Staff Writer

With 2017 in the Guymon history annals as a year of work toward financial recovery following lower revenues, the city's annual independent audit brought mixed news for officials to consider. This year, city council heard the news that the city received a lower grade following a loss in cash reserves.

Crawford & Associates' Marcy Twyman pointed city council members to the overall rating for the City of Guymon. On a scale of one to ten, the city received a 5.1.

"In terms of a school grade, that would be about like C," Twyman advised. "It's satisfactory."

She noted the rating did drop from last year. In 2015, the city received a 6.49; in 2016, a 5.57. The highest rating the City of Guymon received was a 9 in 2007.

Further details on the audit summary can be found in tomorrow's edition of the Guymon Daily Herald.


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