Community-wide clean up April 7

Last year’s Spring Community Clean-Up set a precedence that we need to work hard to meet … and exceed this year on the chosen date of April 7, 2012.A true community effort, Guymon’s April Community Clean-Up in 2011 was a shining success. For several reasons the April Community Clean-Up had a staggering number of people participating.Representative Gus Blackwell sent out notification to many local civic organizations about the Great American Clean-Up and its association with Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. Many of those groups paid attention.Main Street Guymon and the City of Guymon were two entities that signed up to participate.  Then they began notifying groups at meetings about the April 16th date chosen for the Community Clean-Up. The City of Guymon opened their landfill free to dumpers.“There hasn’t been much traffic in the past on the weekend, going to the transfer station,” said City Manager Ted Graham. “So it hasn’t been opened on weekends for several years. But this year on April 16th there was 35 weighable tons brought in. That doesn’t count that that isn’t weighed, such as tree limbs, lawn clippings, and anything under 1,000 pounds.”  Nor did it count the clean-up that was put in the city dumpster.That weighs out to be a considerable clean-up effort by any standard.“This was the best turn out in at least five years,” said City of Guymon Sanitation Director Karen Rice. “I’m sure partly due to Rep Blackwell and state wide, but certainly with Melyn’s (Main Street Guymon Director) involvement.”The number of people that participated in the Clean-Up has to be many more than signed up or reported. But those that did report to either the City, Blackwell’s office, or Main Street, included•Guymon Jr. High Student Council, LEAP;•Guymon National Honor Society;•Alma Folklorica Dance Troupe;•Guymon Boy Scouts;•Delphinium Garden Club;•Order of the Eastern Star;•Guymon Lions Club;•City of Guymon Hispanic Advisory Council;•Junior 4-H;•Rose Garden Club;•North Park 6th grade classes;•Guymon Rotary Club;•Singles Mingles;•Panhandle Lions Club;•Christian Motorcyclists Association;•Guymon Girl Scouts; and•St. Peter’s Youth Group.Each group chose their own area of clean-up throughout the town, some being alleys and roadways, parks, the cemetery, police department fence, waterway, and other places.  Undoubtedly with the significant publicity, there were many individuals that took the time and made an effort to also clean their alleys and maybe their neighbors, to do a little extra in the Spring Cleaning for Guymon.For more information about being a part of the clean-up, contact or Guymon Chamber Director Jada Breeden at 338-3376. Groups that sign up will be given access to supplies, such as bags, so be sure to call!