City moves ahead with designer for soccer complex

Staff Writer

After discussions, meetings and public comment gatherings at city hall, the City of Guymon will now move forward with obtaining a designer for a soccer complex. The Guymon city council voted unanimously at its most recent regular meeting to approve city staff to move forward with hiring a designer for the complex.
The process for a soccer complex started in the Guymon Public Schools with a monetary and land donation to the district from the Nash Foundation for the purpose of constructing a soccer field or complex. State funding issues put the district in a position that it could move no further with development of a soccer complex, and the decision was made in 2016 to donate the marked funding and land to the City of Guymon.

The city received several responses after sending out a Request for Proposal (RFP), allowing staff and a committee the opportunity to review proposals and choose what they believe may be the best designing firm for the project.
"It was a unanimous decision, all of us reached the same conclusion independently and as a group," Clapsaddle said.
The committee ranked the proposals, with Kimley Horn and Hornbeek Blatt as the top two proposals received.
Clapsaddle added Kimley Horn also has a traffic engineer on its design team, which has been brought up as a major concern. The land to be used is located beside Highway 3, next to Prairie Elementary.
Council moved to accept the proposal from Kimley Horn, placing Hornbeek Blatt as the alternate if needed. The city will now move forward toward negotiations for a contract with one of the designing firms.


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