City of Guymon urges residents to leave the branches away from dumpsters

Staff photo/April Coble
Staff Writer

Ice and snow accumulations have caused thousands of tree branches to fall in streets, parks, alleys and private property. Citizens are asked to stay out from under trees until the ice has cleared for their safety.

Trees on private property will be the responsibility of the resident to clean up. We are asking those that start to clean up NOT to put tree limbs in the dumpsters no matter how small. Those tree limbs can fill the dumpsters, and hang up on the truck as we try to pick up trash. This causes trash to dump on the ground causing unsanitary conditions and unsafe conditions for the drivers. Do not put tree limbs close to a dumpster! This can keep us from picking up trash because we can’t get the truck close enough to connect to the dumpster. Keep limbs on your property and at least 30 feet away from a dumpster.

At this time, tree limbs may be taken to the transfer station at no charge to the customer. Transfer station is located at 3313 Road T. No trash may be in the limbs taken to the landfill or there will be a charge per ton applied just as if it were all trash.

Please make sure that your tree limbs are not placed on the property of others, in streets or alleys to ensure safe travels for emergency vehicles and citizens.

If you see large tree limbs blocking the roads or alleys, please call 580-338-3396 to report. City crews will move them out of the roads to the edge of the yards they originated from.

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