City of Guymon advises taking ice and snow precautions this winter

City of Guymon News Release
Staff Writer

Current weather forecasts are very similar to last week’s with 70% to 90% chance of snow and freezing precipitation for Friday through Sunday.

Drivers should take usual precautions for safe travels. The safest way to be safe is to not go out unless necessary. If you have to get out, higher traffic roads will clear faster than side streets and low volume residential roads. If you have to get out, be sure to travel at a lower speed, start stopping sooner and give the surrounding vehicles more space and room in case either vehicle starts to slide.

Defensive driving techniques are necessary in bad weather. Allowing more time to reach your destination will help as well.

The city street department will monitor conditions and take necessary precautions to help insure the safety of the public. With over 80 miles of paved roads in Guymon, there is no economical way to de-ice all of the roads. The roads function as a drainage structure for water that leaves private property. As the roads are sanded with a mixture of salt added in specific sections, more water is entering the roadway and refreezes overnight. Thoroughfares are sanded/salted to ensure that emergency vehicles have ways to travel safely around the city. Areas around schools, high traffic intersections and areas with severe slopes prone to icing are given higher priority. Refreeze of snow melt can cause a more dangerous situation than when it first falls. Refreezes often result in “Black Ice” which is just ice that freezes clear looking black due to the asphalt color beneath. This gives the driver the illusion of a safe road when in fact it is extremely slick.

The City of Guymon wants everyone to be safe and hopes that these tips can help you get home safely to your families. Leave earlier, drive slower and give extra room to pedestrians and vehicles to help ensure you have done your part as well.


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