Cemetery board to consider, encourage enforcement of rules

Staff Writer

On Friday evening, Guymon's Cemetery Board convened in a special meeting at City Hall to consider requests for variances at cemetery plots at Elmhurst Cemetery, as well as discuss how the current rules may be handled. The new cemetery sexton was also introduced to the board toward the end of the meeting.
During consideration of variance requests, board members were in agreement that for the sake of simplicity and fairness, the rules need to be enforced.
Board Member Bill Landess expressed his concerns about giving an allowance, as the board works to determine how the rules need to be enforced and if any rules need to be changed.
Marit Edwards was present at the meeting to address the removal of items from her granddaughter's grave and plots owned by the Edwards family. Edwards had a request for a variance in order to replace a purple bench at the site that was removed last month when the former cemetery sexton removed many items from graves without notice.
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